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Memoriad Simulator 1.0

How much information can you memorize in a minute?

Memoriad Simulator is a game pack for PC users that helps you improve your memory recall. View full description


  • Tests your visual memory
  • Tests your ability to exercise mental calculation
  • Sets test items


  • Doesn't let you choose the level of complexity

Very good

Memoriad Simulator is a game pack for PC users that helps you improve your memory recall.

If you've ever made a mental list of groceries you need to buy or dates of peoples' birthdays you need to remember, only to forget them the moment it actually counts, you'll understand how important it is to have a fantastic recall whenever you need it. Like many other brain training games, Memoriad Simulator's primary purpose is to challenge you and improve your memory.

Memoriad Simulator does this by presenting you eight different memory game options: speed cards, mental additions, numbers marathon, mental multiplications, binary digits, mental square roots, names and faces and mental calendar dates. Each game challenges you to what might initially seem like an almost impossible required level of memory.

The goal with Memoriad Simulator isn't to be perfect immediately. It's to take your time to build up your recall abilities until you realize you're a lot better at it than you were before trying Memoriad Simulator out! For example, the numbers marathon challenge gives you five full pages of tiny numbers set up in columns and rows. It's your goal to memorize the sequence they're in within a minute. Then it's up to you to recreate the numerical grid with as much accuracy as possible. The first few times you give Memoriad Simulator's challenges a try, the chances are that you'll score really badly. The more you work on it though, the more your memory should improve.

Unfortunately, since there are no varying levels of difficulty, Memoriad Simulator beginners will sometimes be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information to memorize that more advanced users might not be as concerned about. The "concentration period" time can also initially be a little confusing, making users wonder why they're only seeing a timer with no game board. Once you realize Memoriad Simulator's initial countdown is just for your to collect your bearings before the challenge actually starts though, you should be ready to start memorizing with gusto.

Memoriad Simulator is a fantastic way to improve your memory if you don't let yourself get overwhelmed in the beginning.

Memoriad Simulator


Memoriad Simulator 1.0